Configurable plasma power supply control system

Design, development and verification of measurement and control system aimed for high-power multi-output plasma power generators intended for PVD and PECVD processes. Enables outputs number modification during operation (through configuration registers) as well as at compilation stage (through implementation parameters – for resource usage reduction). The designed architecture supports multiple devices (with any number of outputs) connection for synchronization and cooperation.

LanguagesVHDL, Tcl/Tk
ToolsModelSim, Quartus Prime
TargetIntel Cyclone V
Time frame10.2016 – 09.2019
CollaborationTRUMPF Huettinger

Basic information

Generated waveform parameters (pulse width, frequency, amplitude, etc.) can be updated on the fly – whether a single generator or a multiple number of synchronized devices are used.

A generator output number is a maximum number of independent waveform generated ad the same time using a single physical device with separate electrodes. From the user standpoint, X output generator behaves like X separate generators encased in a single device.

Multi-output device (with more than 1 physical output) can be reconfigured to a single-output device in one of two ways:

  • Update configuration registers’ values – no recompilation required
  • Update implementation parameters and recompile the design – for reduced resource usage

Depending on the actual configuration, the control system’s parameters are automatically set and configured for expected behavior – including output control signals and measurements.

Based on the designed system architecture, at least 4 separate products (2 of which in multiple configurations) have been produced in a number of copies.

Selected features of the implemented system architecture

Schematic diagram of the implemented system architecture
  • Single FPGA project supporting multiple separate devices/products (with a number of different configurations)
  • Multiple types of output signals control
  • Simple way to modify the required outputs number
  • Option to reconfigure any multi-output device into a single-output device
  • Support for multiple separate devices connection

My responsibilities

  • Measurements preprocessing based on selected configuration
  • Development of the output control signals block
  • Output power modulation feature
  • Minor features implementation
  • Maintenance & debugging