Multiple power supplies synchronization and cooperation system

Design, implementation, integration and verification of a set of features for multiple power generators connection. The system enables synchronization of multiple independent devices (or outputs) or allows to achieve results similar to single higher power supply or a combination of both. Implemented as additional functionality to existing configurable plasma power supply control system architecture.

ToolsModelSim, Quartus Prime
TargetIntel Cyclone V
Time frame12.2017 – 07.2019
CollaborationTRUMPF Huettinger

Achievable effects

  • Simulated behavior of a single power supply – i.e. combine 2 X nominal power devices (or outputs) and 1 Y nominal power device (or outputs) into a single system with 2X+Y power in total
  • Independent power supplies synchronization – each device (or output) works independently (separate set of parameters) but synchronized with each other, with requested phase shift
  • A combination of two previous ones – i.e. two pairs of simulated single power supplies with each pair synchronized

Additional features

  • Support for any number of devices with different number of outputs and different nominal power
  • All of the connected devices, or a selected number of them, can update the working parameters (i.e. frequency) at the same time during operation
  • Support for single-output and multi-output devices
  • Support for internal (selected outputs of the same device), external (selected outputs of different devices), and mixed operation


  • Reliable cable connection between devices
  • Compatible microprocessor operation – ensuring correct parameters